Diana Damron: Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author

Diana Damron is a speaker, author, and coach who’s dedicated to transforming business environments by taking them from toxic to trusting.  The pollution she strives to eradicate is bad behavior!

How? Through the tool of “The 3 C’s”: Civility, Communication, and Character, Diana helps leaders and employees be clear on what actions currently strike fear, generate stress, and undermine TRUST in their workplace.

Diana’s background in television and radio as a news anchor included thousands of interviews with the famous, the infamous, and folks who just had a story to tell. Each person wanted the same thing – for their messages to be understood.

Understanding, however, only comes with TRUST. And TRUST isn’t anywhere to be found in a toxic workplace.

Diana Damron

What makes Diana’s work unique is that she knows the pain and the costs of a toxic environment.  While she survived, she certainly did not thrive.  Today, Diana is dedicated to cleaning up and wiping out the pollution of bad behavior and its effects on you and me.

You and I know that a toxic environment not only pummels the bottom line; it drives a wedge between teams, departments, let’s face it – all relationships.

The foundation of every personal and professional enterprise has three essentials. You have to get the Communication right.  You have to get the Civility right.  And you have to get the Character right.

Through her coaching – whether it’s one-on-one with leaders and employees or with their teams – Diana dives to the heart of your problem.  Armed with clarity and her unique tools, Diana’s clients guide themselves and their organizations towards a civil environment, clearer and more effective communication, and a stronger and more powerful sense of self.

In her book, Civility Unleashed!, Diana defines the civil workplace – its look and feel and what leaders must do to initiate and maintain that civil environment.   Perhaps most importantly, Diana helps you through the process of your becoming your best and strongest self.  She shows you how to be civil to yourself so that you can be civil to others – whether they’re your direct reports, your clients, or your leadership.

Diana graduated magna cum laude from Auburn University and has studied with some of the top speech coaches in the country.  She’s been in the spotlight and in the trenches. Diana’s speeches, training, and coaching are all laced with humor.  After all this is the woman (hard to miss at six feet tall) who walked right off the runway at New York’s Waldorf Astoria and into the laps of startled members of the audience.

Diana’s goal is simple!  To help you create and maintain a CULTURE OF TRUST!  Diana knows that when you and your team can TRUST, you and your team can THRIVE. Your exceptional results spring from a foundation of TRUST.  Diana wants to help you drive those exceptional results.

Ask Diana to help you unleash civility in your workplace and in your life!

Diana would love to hear from you and help you begin your journey out of a toxic environment and into civility.