The fact is that you and I are looking for CIVILITY in all the wrong places.  The source of CIVILITY isn’t out there – with someone else, in some other place.  The source of CIVILITY is right here, right now.  It starts within you and me – within each one of us.

We will never find CIVILITY, if we keep doing what we’ve been doing – insisting on OUR being treated with civility.  We need to insist that WE UNLEASH CIVILITY.


  • Understand that TRUST is the goal of civility. No civility = No trust.  No trust = No relationships.  No relationships = a pathetic state of affairs.
  • Take FULL RESPONSIBILITY to unleash civility. WHETHER OR NOT YOU AGREE WITH THE OTHER PERSON.  It’s more sensitivity for the other person and less for one’s self.
  • Spread Civility through your words and your actions. You are the starting point for contagious behavior.

It’s the lack of CIVILITY that is terminating relationships and creating heartbreak.

And it’s the misunderstanding of how CIVILITY works that fuels this pain.

It’s time to stop DEMANDING CIVILITY from everyone else and start EXPRESSING CIVILITY ourselves!  It’s time to UNLEASH CIVILITY!

Are you willing to join me?